CELLUDESTOCK - Intensive Lowering Treatment

200 mL

  • Body (beauty)
  • Vichy

Pure caffeine 5% + Activator Lipolytic

  • Resistant cellulite diets
  • Appearance of cellulite smoothing from 7 days **
  • Reduced volume in 28 days ***


Some parts of the body are genetically programmed to store fat (belly, hips, thighs, buttocks) and less responsive to diets.

Innovation Vichy:

Visibly intervene in areas resistant to diet combining:

  • The reducing reference asset: pure caffeine in a concentration reinforced 5% to start destocking lipid *****
  • An activator lipolytic* able to stimulate the expression of a protein giving the order to desalmacenar in diet period *****

Proven in areas resistant to diet:

  • Appearance of cellulite visibly smoothed from 7 days **
  • The silhouette is refined significantly, the skin tones to combat sagging which can cause a diet.


* Test in vitro on Lipocidine

** Clinical evaluation: Average results measured in 49 women

*** Intrumental Test: Measurement results measured in 47 women

**** Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies

***** Test in vitro. clinical protocol designed in collaboration with a hospital nutritionist.