HYALURON-FILLER - Wrinkle Filler (Pack)

1x Hyaluron-Filler - Day Cream
1x Hyaluron-Filler - Eye Contour (as a gift)
Dry skin

  • Facial
  • Eucerin

Fills wrinkles from within.

Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid skin and get maximum efficiency in filling wrinkles, even deeper.

  • 5 times more content on hyaluronic acid *.
  • 2 types of hyaluronic acid for filling effect immediately even in the deeper layers.
  • Unique formula with saponin, which triggers the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin itself by 256%.


* Compared to the previous formulation of Eucerin® Hyaluron-Filler.