DERCOS Anti-Dandruff - Shampoo (Pack x 2)

Dandruff, Itching
Normal to Oily Hair
2 x 200 mL

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Technology Microbiome with Selenium DS *

  • Visibly reduces dandruff
  • Action anti-recurrence 6 weeks **


Proven high effectiveness:

Even on sensitized scalp. Tested on people in a state of fatigue or stress living in urban environment.

New scientific approach:

For the 1st time, Vichy has identified an overall disequilibrium in the microbiome (micro-organisms naturally present on the skin) the characteristic of the states with dandruff scalp.


Selenium DS* technology with proven effectiveness in maintaining the balance of the microbiome. Eliminates visible dandruff from the 1st application and calm itching.  6 weeks action anti-recurrence ***


New formula with new perfume. Tested under dermatological control.

* Contains selenium disulphide

** Test user. Regular use after 2 weeks. Italy.

*** Clinical test.