DERCOS Anti-Dandruff - Treatment Shampoo

Dandruff, Itching, Hair loss
200 mL

  • Hair
  • Vichy

Selenium DS * + Cohesyl + vitamin PP 

  • Action dandruff from the 1st application
  • Dandruff Control 6 weeks


Innovation VICHY:

Patented formula with selenium disulphide, Cohesyl and vitamin PP. Fiber strengthens and calms the scalp.

Clinically proven **

Eliminates visible dandruff from the 1st application. Dandruff Control 6 weeks.


DERCOS Ethics:

Since 1973, pioneers in understanding the growth and hair loss. Capillary assets recognized in dermatology to stimulate and improve the activity of the scalp.

Effectiveness rigorously tested. The pleasure of generous textures for a visible result on the hair fiber. A personalized hair diagnosis to know its adapted treatment program.



* Contains disulfure of selenium

** Clinical test conducted on 30 people