KERTYOL P.S.O - Kerato-Reducing Shampoo

Localized squamous conditions.
Eliminates scales, soothes redness.
125 mL

  • Hair
  • Ducray

Sulphur + salicylic acid + ichthyol. Paraben-free.

Squamos conditions on the body and scalp are associated with excessively rapid epidermal cell renewal. The cells accumulate on the skin's surface, creating scaly patches, wich may be associated, in severe cases, with redness and itching. Opaque scales that look like thick dandruf appear on the surface of these patches.

Ducray dermatological laboratories have formulated Kertyol P.S.O. shampoo in order to provide effective action against all these factors.

  • Micronized sulphur, a recognized keratin-reducing active ingredient, works to reduce scaly patch thickness and helps eliminate flakiness.
  • Salicylic acid, a keratin-reducing agent, completes the action of sulphur in lifting dandruff off the surface.
  • Ichthyol helps rapidly soothe redness and itching.

The complete formula of Kertyol P.S.O. shampoo helps fight against all these factors responsible for squamous conditions.

With its gentle cleansing base plus, the shampoo is also well-tolerated and pleasant to use.

Kerthyol P.S.O. shampoo may be used alone or in association with specific dermatological treatments.


P.S.O. = Persistent. Squames. Opaque.