PHYTOSQUAM - Anti-Dandruff Purifying Shampoo

Dandruff and hair prone to oiliness
Stabilization phase - Anti-recurrence - Radiance and lightness
200 mL - 6,7 FL. OZ.

  • Hair
  • Phyto

Titrated botanical anti-dandruff complex [black pepper + Guyana wood], extract of sophora japonica, celandine extraction [55%]

Specifically designed for hair that is prone to oiliness PHYTOSQUAM removes flakes associated with dandruff for good while providing lightness, bounce and overall beauty to hair.

  • Its unique botanical complex, with clinically-proven anti-dandruff effectiveness, purifies and inhibits the process of excessive flaking of the scalp.
  • The sophora japonica extract restores and strengthens the skin barrier to prevent new flakes from forming.
  • A synergy of purifyng and anti-itching active ingredients reduces the production of sebum and soothes the scalp.
  • Enriched with beautifying botanical active ingredients, PHYTOSQUAM leaves hair light, airy and radiantly healthy.