PHYTOSQUAM INTENSE - Anti-Dandruff Intensive Treatment Shampoo

Severe dandruff, itching
Intensive treatment phase - Effectiveness measured - Respect scalp's balance
100 mL - 3,3 FL. OZ.

  • Hair
  • Phyto

Titrated botanical anti-dandruff complex [black pepper + Guyana wood], salicylic acid, piroctone olamine, willow extraction [38%]

PHYTOSQUAM INTENSE offers a breakthrough approach to fight dandruff with a treatment shampoo that combines anti-dandruff effectiveness with beauty care.

  • The unique formula is applied directly onto dry scalp to maximize the benefits of the active ingredients and transforms into a shampoo on contact with water.
  • An innovative ingredients eliminates flakes in record time and relieves itching immediately.
  • PHYTOSQUAM INTENSE respects the sensitive skin on the scalp and brings softness and shine to hair.