DERCOS Nutri Repairer - Cream shampoo

Dry and damaged hair
200 mL

  • Hair
  • Vichy

Keratin-Complex + 3 vegetable oils

Intensely nourishes and helps repair the fiber. luminous glow. silky.


Healthy hair is made of keratin and lipid, 2 essential components to ensure their integrity. Under the effect of external aggression (brushing, excessive chemical treatment, UV ...) the natural protection of the fiber is degraded, allowing escape these components: the hair becomes dry and damaged.


Vichy Laboratories associated for the first time riquea 3 vegetable oils and strength of keratino-Complex to provide the essential fiber to its constituent amino acids.


  • Intense nutrition and fiber repair.
  • Silky hair.
  • Luminous glow.


Hypoallergenic formula is also enriched with UV filters to preserve the brightness of colored hair.


The commitment Dercos:

  • Efficiency without compromise on tolerance.
  • Inspired assets of dermatology.
  • A great pleasure to use.