PHYTOAPAISANT - Soothing Treatment Shampoo

Sensitive and irritated scalp
200 mL - 6,7 FL. OZ.

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Purslane extract, mallow oligo-procyanidins, chicory root extract, linden blossom and passion flower extraction [49%]

PHYTOAPAISANT is hypoallergenic and formulated to gently treat a sensitive scalp.

  • This treatment shampoo immediately calms while gently cleansing.
  • Purslane extract relieves irritation, while linden blossom and passion flower extracts hydrate and protect to restore the scalp's protective barrier function.
  • The mallow oligo-procyanidins have emollient and anti-free radical properties, and regulate the scalp for increased comfort.
  • Enriched with chicory root extract, known for its detangling and softening properties, PHYTOAPAISANT soothes the scalp while leaving hair beautiful and healthy.