SUBTIL ELIXIR - Intense Nutrition Shine Oil

Dry to ultra-dry hair
75 mL - 2,5 FL. OZ.

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Egg yolk, corn germ, karanja and camellia oils

Subtle blend of powerful, beautifying oils, this unique elixir restores ultimate shine and suppleness to the hair.

  • Extremely rich in vitamins [A, E] and minerals, the ultra-nourishing egg yolk oil is combined with corn germ and karanja oils to deeply regenerate and protect the hair fiber from external aggressions.
  • Selected for its lightness and its high essential fatty acid content, camellia oil intensely hydrates and softens, resulting in healthier, silkier hair.
  • SUBTIL ELIXIR weightlessly repairs dry and ultra-dry hair, illuminin it with incredible shine.