ANACAPS TRI-ACTIV - Dietary Supplement (2+1)

For the hair, scalp and nails
67,5g - 30 Capsules

  • Hair
  • Hands
  • Ducray

Sulfur amino acids, vitamins B6 + Iron +, B8, PP and E


Hair is comprised of a major protein, keratin, in which the Cysteine is one of the constituent amino acids. Hair vitality can be altered by two types of factors:

  • Casual factors related to seasonal variations, stress, fatigue, imbalanced food, postpartum emotional shocks.
  • Chronic factors (vascular, hormonal, tissue ...), whose evolution is progressive or manifests itself in the form of repeated episodes.



The original formula of Anacaps tri-ACTIV provides the hair bulb, Vitamin B8 involved in maintaining a healthy hair Vitamin B6 contributes to the smooth functioning of the synthesis of cysteine. On the other lad, B3 and B6 vitamins as well as iron will mitigate the phenomena of fatigue.

Anacaps tri-ACTIV also gives vitamin E whose anti-oxidant action helps protect cells from oxidative damage.