DERCOS Energizing - Shampooing Complement Anti-Falls (Pack x 2)

Frequent usage
200 mL x 2

  • Hair
  • Vichy
  • With Aminexil and Vitamins PP / provitamin B5 / B6
  • Hair stronger, more vigorous


Hair loss is linked to premature aging of the roots.

Innovation DERCOS anti-fall:

Patented anti-hair loss molecule, Aminexil is opposed to the process of stiffening of collagen (in vitro tests), linked to premature aging of the roots phenomenon. His fall-effectiveness has been proven scientifically.


  • The hairs recover vigor and vitality from root to tip
  • Stronger hair: 78%
  • More vigorous hair: 76%
  • Test conducted on 154 people

How to use:

  • Frequent use
  • Ideal complement to Dercos anti-hair loss treatment with AMINEXIL PRO Man and Woman


DERCOS Ethics:

  • Since 1973, pioneers in understanding the growth and hair loss.
  • Capillary assets recognized in dermatology to stimulate and improve the activity of the scalp.
  • Effectiveness rigorously tested.
  • The pleasure of generous textures for resutaldo visible on the hair fiber.
  • A personalized hair diagnosis to know its adapted treatment program.