DERCOS Neogenic - Renaissance Hair Treatment (14 monodosis)

Thinning hair. Installed fall of hair.
14 monodosis
14 x 6 mL

  • Hair
  • Vichy
  • [With Stemoxydine 5% - patented molecule] To encourage optimal functioning of stem cells, the source of creation of new hair.
  • Wake bulbs phase of inactivity. A measure of 1700 new hair fibers at 3 months.
  • Effectiveness tested under dermatological control


The life cycle of hair has a specific sequence: grows, stabilizes and then falls.

Between 2 cycles, the hair bulb can fall into a quiescent phase. It is a form of hibernation, during which the bulb suspended its activity and remains empty. The longer this phase, the greater number of bulbs remain empty. The hair is impoverished, the scalp is visible through the hair.


At the origin of the creation of new hair: Stem cells

L'Oréal research has located the secret of hair renewal, stem cells, and has studied the awakening of the bulbs in quiescent phase to create new hair.

World patented discovery: Stemoxydine

NEOGENIC is the first rebirth hair treatment with 5% Stemoxydine an action biomimetic molecule that stimulates an optimal environment for stem cells to promote its proper functioning.

Bulbs phase of inactivity wake. The increased number of hair fibers, the hair is "re-densified".

A dermatologically tested efficacy against placebo

NEOGENIC effectiveness has been demonstrated in hospitals under dermatological control 101 individuals. At 3 months, the results seen in the measurements have shown an increase at 3 months + 4% vs. placebo ** capillary density equivalent to 1700 *** new hair fibers, hair visibly redensified Coverage: best hair covers scalp, making it less visible.


  • Innovation presented in the EHRS (European Society of Capillary Research) Congress and has been the subject of scientific publications.
  • Non-sticky formula, dosed by a massage tool for easy and comfortable application.
  • Suitable for sensitive scalps.
  • Hypoallergenic *


* Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy.

** Tested on 101 individuals, with a daily application for 3 merses.

*** Average value for a hairless scalp.