PHYTOLISSE - Straightening Shampoo

Unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair
200 mL - 6,7 FL. OZ.

  • Hair
  • Phyto

Pine pulp extract, hibiscus flower acids, calendula extraction [30%]

PHYTOLISSE shampoo contains pine pulp extract that straightens the hair and tames frizz to expedite blow-drying.

  • Pine pulp is proven to protect hair from humidity and guarantees a smooth, frizz-free blow dry in all weather conditions.
  • Hibiscus flower acids smooth down the cuticle and provide incomparable shine.
  • High concentrations of calendula, rich in hydrating and regenerating proterties, increase hair's softness and suppleness.
  • Hair detangles easily, and becomes perfectly smooth.