• Hydra Mag C+

HYDRA MAG C+ - Anti Fatigue Moisturizing Treatment

Face and Eyes
Sensitive skin
50 mL

  • Man
  • Vichy

Toned skin effect "good face". Small bags and dark circles


Scientific discovery:

Due to the effect of daily aggressions (stress, fatigue and pollution) men's skin may have a lack of energy to renew itself.

The skin becomes dehydrated and tone off. Microcirculation under the eyes decreases puffiness and dark circles appear. The whole face looks tired.


A single gesture against signs of fatigue.


  • Vitamin C and magnesium to neutralize aggression. toned skin
  • Dextran Mag to help activate the microcirculation (test in vitro). Small bags and dark circles.


  • Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological and ophthalmological control.
  • Fresh texture, non-greasy, fast absorbing.