ESSENTIEL - Mandravasarotra (BIO)

Cinnamosma fragrans
10 mL

  • Pranarom

Essential oil

  • 100% pure and natural

Native to Madagascar this evergreen and very aromatic tree can reach 5 m high. In Madagascar, Mandravasarotra means "one who drives away evil". This plant is the most used by the people of the west of the island. In this region of Sakalava, it is called Motrobeatiagnana or Motrobeatianina, which means "great fire in the belly" because all the aerial part of the plant has a spicy flavor. Also depending on the different Malagasy dialects it is called Fanalamangidy, "who takes away the bitterness" Mangidymanitra, "it smells like bitter" Sakarivohazo, "wooden gingerbread" or Sakaihazo, "Pepper wood."