ABOCA - Sedivitax (Drops)

Promotes sleep
30 mL

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    • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
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    • Aboca

Sedivitax drops is a formulation studied to promote sleep and improve their quality.

This product is also indicated for the day to ease tensions and facilitate relaxation.

This dual action is important because the physiological sleep is obtained when the body fails to maintain a balanced state of tranquility during the day also, so that at night is already prepared for the night's rest. In fact, many factors related to actividaddiaria collaborate in the generation of a stress situation that leads the body to a state of heightened vigilance, which at night can put in difficulty the normal onset and sleep maintenance.

Action Sedivitax drops due to the synergistic combination of freeze-dried extracts of valerian, melissa and California poppy, and especially the complex patenting Passiflò 2-LMF (Patent No. 0787496), obtained from the combination of two fractions of extracts high in flavonoids, which boost the known relaxing and sleep flattering properties of passionflower title.