ABOCA - Sedivitax (Syrup)

With useful substances for physiological relaxation and sleep.
220 g

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    • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
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    • Aboca

Sedivitax syrup is a formulation studied to promote sleep thanks to contain lyophilized extract multi-leaf fraction Passionflower (Passiflò 2-LMF) and freeze-dried extract of chamomile ray florets (Liguflos).

These plants, along with the freeze-dried extract of lemon balm leaves, make sure the product is also indicated during the day to promote relaxation.

For the physiological sleep is obtained when the body fails to maintain a balanced state of tranquility during the day also, so that at night is already prepared for the night's rest.

Sedivitax syrup is 100% natural product formulated with extracts freeze-dried fruit of the investigative work of Aboca. In particular, the formulation is enriched with Passiflò 2-LMF (Patent No. 0,787,496), patented complex multi-leaf fraction passionflower, and liguflos, obtained excluvisamente ray florets selected chamomile, both with high flavonoid title.

The freeze-dried extracts are dissolved in a nice orange flavor syrup, formulated without preservatives or artificial stabilizers, thanks to this syrup is ideal for children.