Protective, lubricating and soothing for sore eyes.
To use even with contact lenses on.
10 ampoules of 0.5 ml / unit
5 mL

  • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
  • Aboca

Fitostill Plus eye drops in practic monodose steril blisters is a specific adjuvant for the prevention and treatment of red and tired eyes. Thanks to the formation of a protective film, maintains proper hydration and allows restore natural lubricating function "tear film" eye.

The components of Fitostill Plus characterize the product in its main actions:

  • protective and lubricant, thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid sodium salt, which alleviates and prevents discomfort related to dry eye syndrome;
  • protective and moisturizing, thanks to the polysaccharide components contained in the distilled water Liguflos and chamomile;
  • moisturizer, thanks to the vegetable glycerine.

The synergistic action of the components of Fitostill Plus then exerts a soothing effect on the irritated eye and can be used both to relieve discomfort and to prevent them.

Fitostill Plus eye drops is particularly suitable for those suffering from eye dryness (low lacrimation) and in cases of fatigue and redness of the eyes due to external agents either direct (atmospheric dust, pollen, low humidity, wind, environment brackish, cold, intense solar radiation, use of contact lenses) or indirect (use of computer and television, prolonged reading, attention while driving).

Fitostill Plus eye drops is suitable even for frequent use, several times a day and can be used by those who wear contact lenses, even with lenses already set.

Fitostill Plus eye drops is supplied in practical packaging unit dose blisters sterile, without the use of preservatives and dyes.

A slight discoloration is due to the plant component of Liguflos.