OLÉOCAPS 8 - Drainage and Elimination of Toxins

Contains lovage for maintaining the functions of elimination and rosemary for maintaining the hepato-biliary drainage.
30 Capsules - 12,75g

  • Pranarom

We are immersed in an environment in which a large number of elements can insidiously upset the functioning of our body. Snuff, stress, chemicals, medicines, air pollution ... all these elements are, in turn, source of metabolic waste progressively saturate our biological purification systems, the "emunctories". It is necessary to maintain the activity of emunctories regularly, in order to prevent clogging and start its operation. This is the mission of the OLÉOCAPS 8. Next to great standards digestive (Peppermint, Rosemary) essential oils from lovage and celery are added. Less known, containing a particular category of molecules, the "phthalides". The latter have three advantages for emunctories: the purified, stimulate and protect (from free radical attack, for example).

OLÉOCAPS 8 really helps our body to purify, in a 100% natural.