ABOCA - Aliviolas BIO (45 Tablets)

Promotes intestinal transit physiological
90 tablets of 400 mg / unit
36 g

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    • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
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    • Aboca

Aliviolas BIO tablets is a product composed of herbal ingredients obtained with the method of Biological Production (Reg. EC 834/2007). The careful selection of raw materials ensures a high quality product, useful for promoting the physiological function of the intestinal tract.

Aliviolas BIO tablets is produced exclusively with functional substances without use of excipients synthesis thanks to a unique technology developed and patented by the (European Pat. 107830) Aboca Research which, through a flow of steam in contact with the vegetables fitocomplejos micronized, determines the formation of "granular aggregates" which are tabletted without adding excipients or additives. These features make Aliviolas BIO tablets a biological product with 100% natural and functional ingredients for use as needed thanks to its practical intake by tablets.