MELILAX - Microenema with ProMelaxin

Free the intestine without irritating, protecting the rectal mucosa.
6 microenemas of 10 g / unit
60 g

9.10 8.80
  • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
  • Aboca

ProMelaxin - active honey and aloe polysaccharides and mauve complex.


Melilax is indicated for the treatment of constipation, even if visceral hypersensitivity (such as when suffering from irritable colon), anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The product evacuates intenstino and reduces discomfort, irritation and inflammation that accompany constipation.

Melilax is also suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation.



Melilax combines a balanced evacuante action with a protective and soothing action of the rectal mucosa. Melilax double action is obtained thanks to PROMELAXIN, an active complex of honey nectar and carefully selected and prepared depending on content of monosaccharides, polysaccharides and melanoidins, the polysaccharide fraction enriched with Aloe and Mallow molasses. Melilax evacuante exerts a non-irritating action, inducing a physiological stimulus and balanced activation of defecation.

Melilax addition, thanks to their similar to the mucus and its viscosity properties, protects the rectal mucosa during passage of feces, the lubricating action mimicking physiological mucus. These special properties, along with its antioxidant action, give the product the ability to protect and soften the mucosa, exerting indirect anti-inflammatory action due to the physical characteristics of the product.