Light legs
100 mL

  • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
  • Aboca

Welfare specialist legs - with butcher's broom, horse chestnut, centella and red vine.


Fisioven Biogel is a cosmetic preparation that meets the stringent quality requirements established by the regulations of Biological Cosmetic. The effectiveness of this product is due to the functional synergy of lyophilized extracts of butcher's broom and horse chestnut with hydroalcoholic extracts of red vine and kola, which dissolved in an aqueous solution of mucilage of marshmallow, ensure the high concentration of substances functional. For this reason Fisioven Biogel gives tone and elasticity to the skin and reduces the feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities, especially at the end of the day. The gel because its formula includes extract Chondrus crispus, a red seaweed known as Irish moss that has a natural gelling action allows dispense derivatives conventional gelling oil and obtain a gel, to form a imperceptible film remains on the skin throughout the day, the properties of the functional substances contained. Complete the formula peppermint essential oil with refreshing action.


Biological cosmetics.

Product manufactured according to the standard production "Normal for obtaining organic cosmetics" which provides for the use of raw materials from organic farming (Reg. EC 834/2007) and the use of natural cosmetic ingredients and / or naturally occurring They possess the maximum dermocompatibilidad and are environmentally-friendly. natural finish aroma obtained from pure essential oils and plant extracts.