GRINTUSS - Syrop Pediatric for Dry and Productive Cough

Protects the mucosa and calms the cough.
210 g

12.85 12.30
  • Phytotherapy / Natural medicine
  • Aboca


GrinTuss pediatric syrup is useful in case of dry or productive cough and acts calming irritation, protecting the mucosa and helps to eliminate mucus.



GrinTuss pediatric syrup creates a film with "barrier effect" that calms the cough and protecting the upper respiratory tract.

It is specifically formulated to adhere to the mucosa and limit their contact with external agents irritants.

Also it promotes moisturization of the mucosa and mucus facilitating the expulsion of this.

GrinTuss pediatric syrup is made with vegetable functional substances through innovative extraction and concentration processes that respect the integrity of phyto and guarantee a 100% natural formula.

Lyophilized extract Plantain, Grindelia and Helichrysum have mucoadhesive and protective properties, thanks to the action of plant substances as mucilages, gums and resintas.

Honey, present in the formula, develops a protective and emollient providing a pleasant flavor syrup complete with the refreshing action of essential oils.