• Rose Imaginaire - Eau Fraîche Parfumée (Pack de Noël)

ROSE IMAGINAIRE - Fresh Fragrant Water (Christmas pack)

1 x Fresh fragrant water, 100 mL - 3,3 FL. OZ.
1 x Gentle shower cream, 50 mL - 1,6 FL. OZ. (Gift)
1 x Melt-in body lotion, 50 mL - 1,6 FL. OZ. (Gift)

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    • Body (beauty)
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    • Roger & Gallet

Roger&Gallet creates a unique fragrance note of rose enriched by the fusion of mara strawberry, jasmin and violet leaves, patchouli and wood... discovered in the most beautiful gardens around the world.

A delightfully bright and silky floral composition to enchant body and mind.